Data privacy statement

1. General
In the course of its function and its economic and corporate presence, it is necessary for AuRep to process the personal data of natural persons. AuRep is committed to the appropriate protection of such data and processes the data within the legally defined framework. The aim of this data protection declaration is to create transparency with regard to the processing carried out by AuRep. This data protection declaration will continue to be adapted on a case-by-case basis over the course of the further development of the technical and legal circumstances. For this reason, it is recommended to familiarise with the contents of this data protection declaration on a regular basis. The general use of this website does not require the disclosure of any personal data.

2. Data collected
As required, data is collected to fulfil the legal obligations for legitimate interests and to fulfil the (pre-)contractual obligations. In particular, data may be collected includes data from a (pre-)contractual relationship, data for the pursuit of legal claims, for the scope of power of representation, dunning and lawsuit data, bank details, billing and payment data, data on certifications, contact data such as name, address, phone number and email address, personal identity card numbers and similar personal identification numbers, as well as other contact data and identifications that are disclosed to us as a reference in the context of the correspondence (e.g. function in the company, internal reference number of the person in the company, processor abbreviation for written documents and similar). Data is also collected for the evaluation of the contact and the services provided or the fulfilment of the contract. Data may also be collected to prevent behaviour that is harmful to AuRep or its clients, due to the legitimate interest of AuRep.

3. Use of the data

(a) Clients and suppliers

  • Data is used to fulfil existing contracts or contracts in a pre-contractual relationship.
  • Data is used to defend legal claims against AuRep or to prevent potential claims against AuRep.
  • Data is used for other similar purposes e.g. maintaining a business relationship beyond a specific product order.
  • Data may be used for advertising purposes for the services provided by AuRep to other clients in the financial services sector as well as for advertising for better conditions for suppliers, especially suppliers from the IT sector.

Data will not be transferred outside of the EU and Switzerland without prior consultation with the clients or suppliers concerned. Data of clients and suppliers will be passed on to other clients and suppliers insofar as this is deemed appropriate for the coordination and fulfilment of the services by AuRep.

The collected data will be stored for as long as legally required or as appropriate for the conclusion of a contract or for the fulfilment of related legal claims of AuRep, whereby AuRep aligns with the statutory limitation periods. Beyond that, the collected data is also stored, provided this can be reconciled with the purpose of the collection, for as long as necessary to enable contact to similar products and services provided by AuRep or in favour of AuRep.

No sensitive data pursuant to Art. 9 GDPR is stored.

(b) Employees and applicants
The data is used to fulfil the employment contract and associated legal claims, to comply the legal obligations as an employer and to preserve the legitimate interests of AuRep, in particular in the event of the possibility of disputes with an employee or applicant, or if a later cooperation / employment is envisaged. Employee data shall also continue to be used provided that AuRep has a legitimate interest therein, for example if an employee has contributed to a process and has created documents whose results or continuation are still necessary even after the employee leaves the company. Data is also transmitted to third parties, in particular to clients, suppliers, auditors and consultants, provided this is associated with the fulfilment of the employment contract in the usual course of business. Applicant data will be stored for as long as legal claims can be raised against AuRep or if AuRep is specifically pursuing the potential employment of a person.

In addition, data is also used for marketing by AuRep due to legitimate interests for the purpose of employment relationship, such as the offer of special conditions for employees, insofar as this is granted by contractual partners of AuRep, training, further education and professional development options and conditions for parking near AuRep and the like.

Unless there are no specific reasons, applicant data will be deleted within two years after receipt of the application. Employee data is stored for as long as is necessary to provide proof of employment (thirty years).

Data is collected, insofar as it is useful for the assessment and administration of employees and applicants, either from the employment contract (or pre-contractual relationship), from legal obligations, or due to legitimate interests. In particular are name, address, personal identification numbers (e.g. passport number, social security number, driving licence number), citizenship, electronic and telephone contact details, assessments of performance and qualification, any safety certificates, data relating to salary, leave and other work-free periods, bonuses, training costs, any fiscal relevant information, information on marital status, claims, information on education and information on any special benefits such as meals, company outings, anniversary and birthday gifts.

Sensitive data pursuant to Art. 9 GDPR is only collected and processed to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of statutory obligations (e.g. religious confession if this results in claims to additional public holidays, or health data for determining sick days and handling occupational accidents).

4. Funktionscookies
Diese Webseite verwendet Funktionscookies. Es handelt sich dabei um kleine Textdateien, die mit Hilfe Ihres Browsers auf Ihrem Endgerät gespeichert werden. In diesen Textdateien finden sich Informationen, die der Zurverfügungstellung der Informationen und der Funktionalität auf dieser Webseite dienen (berechtigtes Interesse an der Zurverfügungstellung korrekter Funktionalität der Webseite). Bei Deaktivierung von Cookies kann die Funktionalität dieser Webseite eingeschränkt sein. Durch Einstellung in Ihrem Browser können Sie festlegen, ob Cookies für diese Seite zugelassen werden.

5. Reference to rights
Reference is made to the following data subject rights under the GDPR: the right to information (to find out which personal data is being processed); the right to correction (to correct inaccurate or incomplete data); the right to erasure (in particular if processing is no longer necessary); the right to restriction of processing (in particular limitation of the processing in the event of a legality dispute); the right to object (in particular against advertising and, in the event of overriding interests, against processing); the right to data portability (to receive your data in a common, machine-readable format); the right to complaint to the data protection authority,

Data transfer
If instructed by the authorities – in particular for the purpose of prosecution – AuRep will also disclose data to authorities; under certain circumstances, this may also take place without informing the person concerned. The rights of third parties are upheld to a legally and economically reasonable extent.

Due to legitimate interests, for legal reasons or for fulfilment of the contract, data may be passed on to third parties, such as to banks, financial trustees, courts, administrative authorities, experts, collection agencies, third-party lenders, landlords if required, insurers if required, legal representatives if required, collaborating contractual and business partners, and IT service providers as well.

7. Security
AuRep has taken appropriate security measures to protect personal data, in particular with regard to organisational, technical and physical measures.

8. Contact
For further questions or complaints regarding data protection, please contact